Saturday, June 3, 2017

Raytech car tint price quotation 2017

I found difficulty to compare my quotation with others on net. So I would like to publish the quotation given by the Raytech to me. Maybe this will not benefit me but it will benefit others.

Disclaimer: I don't know what the standard price or If other branch / outlet can give cheaper price. The discounted price might differ with others and different deal might have differ package. Please only use this information for comparison only.

Date : Jun 2017
Car type:  Proton Persona
Branch: Bangi, Malaysia

  •  A70 + CRY BLK 4 Mil : Total RM636
  • AX to all window : Total RM795
  • F70 (Windscreen) + AX to side window : Total RM1007
  • FX to all window: Total RM1219

Update 3 Jun 2017: I finally paid for  U70 (windscreen) + FX all side window and rear.  Total: RM1802

Review:  The heat was reduced however I still felt warm on my face and the car dashboard.  Rating 6/10.  

I couldn't imagine if I purchased cheaper product such AX, A70, CRY BLK.

Good luck!


  1. I've got a raytech voucher worth rm350 (excluding labour), but i dont see any quotation from raytech worth that much. Maybe have to topup.

  2. I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me.

  3. I just tinted my new perodua aruz with ultra 70 on the windscreen and the rest are centurion rx(black). Total price is RM2800. Overall the heat rejection in my car is superb but i found that there is a little different between this two type of tint. The BTU for ultra 70 is around 5-6 compared to centurion that show 2. The outside heat is around 200 on BTU meter. It was very disappointed that the centurion rx can't be applied to the windscreen since the ultra 70 gives some more heat than the centurion rx. It must be superb if all windows can be applied with the centurion rx bcoz we will just get the light,not the heat. Btw,the combination of ultra 70 and centurion rx is very good and i dont mind about the price. Tq raytech.

  4. I fixed raytech ultra 70 for my windscreen and centurion QX for other windows. Such a disaster, encountered problem with smart tag. Been requested to refer back to service centre, but only on weekday. Perhaps, it is good to go with lower version of tint film for windscreen.